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Email Marketing

We deliver the most authoritative and profitable digital ad spaces for brands through our Media Planning and Buying Services

Media planning is generally outsourced to Media Agency, The role of media planner is to set the best media combination to achieve the marketing objectives.

The experts have to check the which platforms to be used and how to reach the target audience and many. At the same time they have to have a plan to how to utilize the funds in the different medium of marketing.

Budget plays a vital role in Media Planning and Buying, if the budget is small then it becomes more difficult for the media planner to execute the plans. Due to the small budget, they have to target small area with a limited audience. A clear and crystal message has to be conveyed to the audience during the execution of media planning. The first step is to analyze the market, set up the objectives, have the strategies ready, evaluate and follow up. If you want to hire experts for media planning and buying services we at Liam’s are at your disposal.


Despite the hiking up the ratio of instant messaging, SMS, and other communicative methods, email keeps grabbing the top positions as the successful tool of communication, especially for businesses. Liam’s as a remarkable Bulk Email service provider offers modular, scalable and economical bulk email solutions to assist you to get more customers, accomplish a commanding market position, reach out and establish connections with existing or new customers and accomplish better productivity. In this technological era, Bulk Email marketing services are the most crucial Internet Marketing tool among others. Despite it offers a formal way of communication, the security level is high as well. In brief, any successful online promotional effort is unnecessary without comprising a database or bulk email marketing and newsletter services. From ISO certified large business to small-scale, every company is now integrating direct email marketing into their client's acquisition. Moreover, this method of marketing is economical as a single email sends to the abundant audience to turn them interested. It streamlines the overall marketing communication structure, but it is significant to target the highly specified prospects and this can be done through the assistance of the well-known bulk Email service provider.

Liam’s Bulk Email marketing service includes:

  • Transactional or Alert Email Service: We offer this services for forwarding informational & significant emails such as reminders to banks, educational institutions, businesses etc.
  • Promotional Bulk Email Marketing Service: We offer this service for promotional activities to enhance business, products, services, etc.

Some features of Liam’s Email marketing service

  • Spam free Emails, 95% Inbox Delivery
  • Promotional Mails with Email Marketing Panel
  • Transactional Emails with Outlook Configuration
  • Abundant Customized Templates or Themes
  • Use your preferred Domains
  • Simply and captivatingly create Newsletters
  • Manage groups, or lists, and Email IDs
  • Reply email: End User set reply email at their end.
  • Comprises Unsubscribe Facility
  • View Sent Report by Date Search
  • 24/7 Email Support
  • Viewer Report so that one can track and view promotional emails
  • Comprises Email Id Database
  • Bulk Email Software

Some Pros of Liam’s Email marketing service

  • Welcoming web-based mass email sending setup, therefore, emails can send anywhere around the world.
  • Creating meaningful and influencing emails to track the interested audiences within a short span
  • Analyse and creation of personalized mailers, newsletters, and promotional material with the reliable, target specific content for permission-based mass campaigns
  • Capability to create, answer, and manage lists, bounced mail and also track responses
  • Abundant measurable actions can track such as open rates, click through rates, bounce rates, delivery rates, and unsubscribe rates.
  • Technological superiority edge, worthwhile expertise, guaranteed outcomes and enhanced ROIs
  • Offer different option for different businesses scales, like small packages for small business and so on
Hence, Liam’s Bulk Email marketing is the best solution to move towards the height of success soon. Despite successful, it is economical for all businesses as our main motive is to hike up the sales figure of our respectable clients, not ours.
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